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About us

Introduxion is South Africa’s premier appointment setting, lead generation and sales revenue enhancement partner. As a highly specialised service provider, Introduxion provides organisations with a suite of services designed specifically to enhance sales teams’ market penetration, increase sales & business development effectiveness and ultimately, assist our clients in achieving higher levels of revenue.

With a single minded focus on assisting our clients in developing and realising their new business objectives, our value is clear …. Introduxion creates business opportunity.

About us introduxion

Our service methodology ensures;

  • Reduced barrier to entry in new markets

  • Development, growth and increase in revenue and market share
  • Increase sales productivity and profitability
  • Fully managed client engagement model
  • Increase sales effectiveness
  • Gain direct access to decision makers within your target market
  • Maximise sale resource time and effectiveness
  • Improve overall market presence
  • Increase success ratios

Our Company Purpose

Success is what you achieve when you add value to yourself; significance is what you achieve when you add value to others …
Our aim is to achieve ‘Significance’ by providing our clients a professional framework of services which enhance sales effectiveness and new business revenue development.

Our Brand Promise

Creating Business Opportunity – we help our clients enhance their sales effectiveness and ultimately, improve their business development revenue – that’s our promise !