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Sales Team Effectiveness Analysis

Client Feedback & Engagement Assessment

Ever wondered what your prospective and existing clients think of your team and the level of service they believe they are receiving? The sales team effectivness analysis highlights potential gaps within individual effectiveness when engaging new prospective clients and your existing client base, Introduxion will independently engage these clients with the express purpose of recording and quantifying individual client feedback based on agreed parameters and measurement criteria.
Our aim is to provide you a deeper understanding of each team members’ engagement capabilities based on actual client perceptions and feedback, giving you a powerful first hand client led mechanism to assess your teams’ effectiveness.

Sales Team Effectiveness Analysis

Meeting Effectiveness – Shadowing

Designed to provide you objective feedback of how your team actually performs in front of clients. Allow our seasoned business development professionals to attend meetings with your team members. Our aim is to assess key skills, communication capabilities and professionalism when engaging new clients, providing you a detailed and objective understanding of their respective shortcomings and key areas of weakness