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Appointment Generation

Appointment Setting Services

Appointment Setting: Let our team fill your diary with a guaranteed number of new client meetings each month.

A key component to the success of any business is the ability to continually generate and maintain its’ new business revenue growth objectives.

In this challenging environment of new business development, Introduxion helps organisations fast track new business conversations by providing you facilitated access to decision makers within your target market through new business appointment generation.

In alignment with your new business strategy and agreed target market, our skilled project facilitators will engage prospective target clients on your behalf, setting up and scheduling a guaranteed number of customer appointments for your acquisition team members to meet with on a monthly basis.

In short, we have a team of highly skilled facilitators who will :

  • Research the market on your behalf
  • Identify prospective clients which meet your agreed criteria
  • Engage the respective stakeholders and decision makers within each organisation
  • Schedule a guaranteed number of appointments for your business development team
  • Coordinate and Manage all scheduled meetings, ensuring each meeting successfully takes place.

Appointment Setting : Building consistency into your sales pipeline development !   

appointment generation

Follow Up Management

Don’t drop the ball on follow ups with your clients. Let our team schedule and manage your continued client engagement and meeting coordination. Therefore your sales team will keep their leads up to date, never letting a lead slide through their fingertips.

Existing Client Scheduling

Do you have a large base of clients? Find that you are struggling to meet them all regularly or within a predetermined time frame? As a result of our team managing this process for you, scheduling your client meetings at regular and agreed intervals we will help you keep your existing relationships.